Some facts you may not know about Trenavar or Trendione

Trenavar orTrendione is basically an oral prohormone. This is a bit different from the well known steroid trenbolone which is injectable. This is the reason why it releases active trenbolone in the body. This makes it to be an extremely potent and powerful compound. It is similar to trenbolone in structure and thus the user should get similar results like that of inject able trenbolone.

Trendione had been released in 2011by the PHF/IBE. This was a true trenbolone prohormone. These were easily available until the prohormone ban. It is usually found these days in the veterinary and also some blackmarketing businesses. However there are some who have legal rights for it. These have been scheduled III as steroids.
This is well known as a powerful inject able steroid. According to various researches it is 5 times more androgenic also anabolic as compared to testosterone. It is able to bring on very fast results which include possible weight loss, increase in size and also strength. Trenavar orTrendione is actually powerful in this case. It is different from the copycat prohormones which try to mimic trenbolone.
Users have claimed that there was rapid increase in strength across the board and their muscle mass. The results were notice able within 7-10 days of intake. After 4- 6 weeks of regular intake they were very near to their desired outcomes. They really exceeded their personal records on the lift. It is a poor choice if you regard endurance as your training as it will cripple up your endurance goals.
In initial stages, it should be dosed to about 50-70 mg per day when ran alone. The dosage can however be increased to 100 mg maximum if side effects are not occurring. However it should be kept in mind that the intake does not exceed more than 5-6 weeks. This may otherwise lead to bad effects. These were some facts about Trenavar or Trendione.

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